Monday, October 25, 2010


When we were in Kwando we happened on this young leopard on our way back to the camp in the evening. I was fascinated at how he just seemed to pop into the spotlight and as soon as we took the light off him he just vanished into the darkness. I knew then that I had to try and paint this image of him in the light.

A couple of small watercolors that I was commissioned to do.

This is a pastel of Bat eared foxes - I love them.
Well, I am back from the exhibition in Zambia, and what a disappointment it was. It seemed to me that the venue was badly thought out - it was held at the International Scool in Lusaka, which is a bit out of the way and with dreadful roads to get there. The opening night was very badly supported, and I got the feeling that they were not interested in other artists, that it was just a promotional evening for David Shepherd and his daughter and grand-daughter. I was hoping for more interaction between wildlife artists, maybe it would have been better if they had given the artists labels so we could identify each other and interact with each other. Then they cancelled the exhibition after only three days,(it was supposed to run a week), as the hall was double booked!!!!!!
But the rest of the trip to Zambia was really great, lovely to see where I was born, and catch up with some very special old friends.
At least I have learnt something from this experience - I will never attend another exhibition like this again without doing a lot more homework!!!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Dust migration

This is one of the 3 paintings that I am entering into the art competition in Zambia which is going to be opened by David Shepherd. I am really looking forward to meeting the legend.
This is a large oil painting of the zebra migration at Khumaga.

Chimp magic

Another Chimpanzee painting for Zambia, this was in case the first one did not work out. This started as acrylic pours, and then I decided to leave it like that - and just do the detail work in the focal areas.


This picture is painted onto a mirror, and yes, that is me that you see sticking out ... was very difficult to paint on the mirror and to photograph the painting. I wanted to do something different for the art competition up in Zambia, and liked the idea that you could see yourself next to the chimp and then when you come close your image becomes that of the chimp - hence the title evolution. I also wanted people to be aware of how close they are to us, especially when they are in the sights of a gun. I am not sure if the concept worked, what do you think?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Boss

A lone Buffalo bull with tick birds.

Standing Alone

These trees always amaze me and I just love them. The next painting I do I would like to try and get a big one with some elephants under it just to give you the scale that some of these giants get to.

River Race

We were on the boat in Chobe when we disturbed these hippo who were just lazing in the sun on the riverbank. As soon as we approached they all got up and dashed back for the safety of the water. Hippo are cerainly one of the most dangerous animals in Africa and account for more attacks on man than any other animal. Contrary to their size they can move really fast on land.

Kalahari Brothers

It is always such a thrill when you find lions, let alone the more elusive males. We were driving along the road early in the morning in Mabuasahube, a small park that forms part of the Trans Kalahari Frontier national park, and we came around a corner and there they were. When you find males like this it is usually a coalition of brothers that work together.

Green Peace

We were driving along from North Gate to Xakanaxa in Moremi when we heard some Impala alarming. We stopped the car and found this wonderful leopard up in the tree, just casually watching what all the fuss was about. He then settled back down and went back off to sleep.

Chobe Bull

We were in Chobe over Easter and came across this wonderful bull - he was walking up the road from the river.