Thursday, April 7, 2011


I just love painting zebra. This is another watercolor, and is 540mm x 300mm - not too big. It has also been sold.

This is a smallish oil painting of a kudu - I have included a picture of it in its frame. When I went down to Cape Town on my art course, Dale Elliot was kind enough to show me how to do this kind of frame for my paintings. Oil paintings have always worried me, as I do not like them framed, always thought that they lacked something. I love the way this makes them jump out of the frame, and now they look more like a watercolor that has mountboard - just more finished. What do you think?

Afternoon Stroll at Chobe

Oil on Canvas 760mm x 610mm We were driving back to our campsite in Chobe, when we decided to take one more last loop down to the river to see if there was anything, and chanced upon these two lions returning from having a drink. I just loved the picture, especially with the late afternoon glow from the setting sun.

Running Wild Dog

Oil on Canvas - 610mm x 455mm We saw this pack of wild dog in Madikwe, and they were all lazing around in the early morning light, when all of a sudden this dog jumped up and started running down the path. It was not long and all of the pack were up on their feet and on the move.

Leopard with Tree

Oil on Canvas - 760mm x 610mm We came across this leopard in Savute and she was just sitting watching us, she did not seem at all worried. I love seeing leopard, and it is always a thrill when you get to see them, as they are so elusive, and disappear into the bush so easily.

Zebra Migration

I originally did this painting with a red foreground, and when I had finished the painting it sat in the studio where I could see it. I was not happy with the picture, something kept annoying me about it. Anyway, the one day I walked in and I thought it is the strong colors in the foreground, they were competing with the picture. So I reworked the whole background, a very labour intensive job :) - but I am happier with the whole outcome. This painting has been sold.