Thursday, January 13, 2011

It has been a busy start to the New Year for us. We have finally finished the new gallery, which we are hoping to open soon. Here in Gaborone it is a problem to find somewhere central that can hang our art, so I decided that I would have my own gallery at home. It is a bit problematic as we are just outside of town, but decided that I would offer coffee/tea or a glass of wine to anyone who would like to come a view the gallery, and put up signboards along the way. I will just have to advertise well - if anyone has any ideas please send them to me - am open to any suggestions. My e mail address is

I have also been busy for the Botswana Postal Service, and have been commissioned to design 2 sets of stamps which is very exciting. The one set is Birds of Botswana, and I will be working alongside Gwithie Kirby, another local artist here in Gaborone. The second set is the African Wild Dog, and this is a set of 4 stamps together with the first day cover. I am not too sure when they are due to come out, but this is a lengthy process, and I am sure that the dogs are only coming out in 2012. I think the bird series is due out later this year - but will keep you posted on this.

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Jenny Regan said...

Hi I like this blog and am eagerly awaiting your "open day" I will be the first person there. To people out there please notice this woman's work, especially the wild dogs. I think she could be the David Shepherd of wild dogs. Luv ya Jen. Carol Charlton