Thursday, January 30, 2014


Bush Road - 30cm x 21cm

River view - 30cm x 21cm

Bush road 30cm x 21cm

As part of my development I decided that I would try to do a daily painting.  These paintings are only in 2 sizes, 30cm x 21cm and 20cm x 14cm - I have purposely kept them small and I allow myself the maximum of 1 hour from start to finish.  One of the reasons for this is I tend to get hooked up in detail, and whilst I admire photorealism I want people to know that they are looking at a painting and not a photo.  I also chose to do this with landscapes because as soon as I put an animal into the picture I tighten up again.  Maybe in time I will manage to keep the flow with the animals.

These 3 little paintings are all pastel that are started with a wet under-painting.

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